Should CBS air Super Bowl ad for gay dating site?

Is CBS going too far by airing a super bowl ad for ManCrunch – a gay dating site?  This is certainly drumming a lot of buzz around the advertising industry.  After all, CBS recently approved and will televise an anti-abortion commercial starring Tim Tebow – quarterback of the Florida Gators.  CBS could now be faced with accusations of discrimination and hypocrisy if they decline to run the ManCrunch ad.

According to Fox news:

The 30-second spot shows two men excitedly watching the game, before their hands brush as they both reach into a bowl of chips. Suddenly, the two begin making out, much to the shock of a guy sitting close by.

The dating site operates under the slogan “Where Many Many Many Men Come Out to Play”.  This will certainly spark some controversy among football fans everywhere.

What happened to the days of the Super Bowl being about football and family fun?  I realize this is big business, but what do you think?  Should the networks be doing more to filter out some of the controversy?  Are they doing this intentionally for ratings?  What are your thoughts… should the ad be cleared to air?

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4 thoughts on “Should CBS air Super Bowl ad for gay dating site?

  1. Fiona says:

    Well my friend and i have gotten really close and we started dating. we were talking and he said she wanted me to make the first move, like telling i love you first. i do love him but i am a shy women, so i won’t know when or how to say it. can you give me advice on this?

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