What does your brand say?

Corporate brochureYour brand should represent the heart and soul of your organization.  Executed properly, branding creates a perception that targeted prospects and customers gravitate towards.  Perhaps the brand symbolizes exceptional service, low prices, convenience, innovation, luxury, reliability, safety, or even a company’s policy on environmental issues, etc.  An effective brand evokes a feeling which creates long-term customer loyalty.

Where does branding fit?

Branding, for many small companies, is low on their priority list – or perhaps even off the radar screen.  Many businesses simply do not give sufficient focus to their brand initiatives – opting instead to focus only on short term revenue goals and ignoring longer term company positioning. How many times have you heard – branding is too intangible or “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”?  Since branding isn’t directly reflected on a company’s balance sheet or financial statements, it’s, sadly, often overlooked.

The reality is, branding, while difficult to accurately quantify, is a powerful marketing tool that can enable tremendous returns on investment.  Branding is the primary reason consumers are willing to pay double the price for one product over another.

Branding is directly related to the perceived value of a product or company.  While brand awareness is essential for name recognition, strategic awareness occurs when you have differentiated your brand in the mind of your market.  This is often referred to as your unique selling proposition.  This tells the market who you are and what you do, and more importantly, how you do it differently or better than your competitors.

To go one step further, establishing brand preference should be the desired outcome of your branding initiatives.  This allows the market to understand what is unique about your particular brand, allows them to emotionally connect to your brand, and creates a bias for selecting your brand over competing brands.

waveSpawn provides a combination of strategies to help companies strengthen their brand:

    • Corporate identity development
    • Brand and social media monitoring
    • Mobile application development
    • Content positioning and dissemination
    • Independent surveys and analysis
    • Website development & SEO