Will the Apple iPad kill Amazon’s Kindle with iBooks?

Apple iPad with iBooksSteve Jobs has just announced the introduction of the much anticipated Apple iPad for only $499!  While it had been dubbed the tablet for a while, it has officially been named the iPad.  I have been following along on gdgt’s live coverage.

Here are some features:

  • Can be rotated and held in any direction
  • Web-enabled (um, duh) and extremely fast
  • Has a virtual keyboard
  • Video playback is HD, not widescreen however
  • iBook store enables instant download and display of books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Enhanced iTunes interface

At a glance this device appears to be an overgrown iPhone.  I should admit, I am a huge fan of the iPhone, I like its portability and slick design.  I also like my laptop for what it does.  Do I really need a new “netbook” device to combine the best of both features?  It seems to be eerily similar to the infamous Chevey El Camino – that mutant-like hybrid of a car and truck that some people had the nerve to buy.  Let’s be honest, the back had enough space to fit a 30 pound bag of dog food.

I don’t know that I would consider the iPad a replacement for either device.  Instead, it appears to be forging a new market.  A market catered to gamers, scholars, and hobbyist.  It is a device which allows reading of books, textbooks and changing of fonts, etc.  It seems to be in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle device.  Although it has a lot more to offer – and a much more robust interface.  While the market has been somewhat slow to embrace the Kindle, we’ll see if things speed up now that Apple has entered the game.

I’m curious to see how the market will respond to this device. Would you buy one?


6 thoughts on “Will the Apple iPad kill Amazon’s Kindle with iBooks?

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  2. Destiny Polin says:

    Lots of of bloggers aren’t really pleased with the new iPad.There was 2 much hoopla regarding it and alot people got disapointed.Thing is, I can actually see some of the cool potential of the gizmo. Third-party applications for playing tunes, games, newspapers and magazines and FFS books, all kinds of good stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (excluding the books). It looks sort of not finished

  3. Eden mor says:

    Not too sure how I found this blog but glad I did find it. Think I was looking for something else on google. Not sure I agree 100% with what you say, but have bookmaked and will pop back to read to see if you add any more posts. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Glynda Corke says:

    I really agree with the folks over at netbookspoint.com the iPad is going to be a huge hit. The geeks don’t like it, but it’s not for them. The vast majority of people are going to really enjoy the ease of browsing the web, having access to books at the tip of their finger, and downloading and watching videos on the couch or on the road. I think Apple knows more about what they’re doing than the script kiddies.

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