Christmas Mobile AppwaveSpawn recently collaborated with CINNA Apps LLC to develop and launch a Christmas mobile application called Santa Visits Our House.  The project included the creation of custom 3D animation and mobile application design and development. A number of technologies were implemented to streamline the process.  The app is available for installation on Android devices and Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Holiday Movie PreviewThe Santa Visits Our House Movie Maker is a Christmas app that allows users to create their own personal Christmas video of Santa’s ride from the North Pole to their home! The application prompts users to take a photo of their house, Christmas tree and snack for Santa.  Additionally, children’s names and postal code are entered to fully customize the experience. The app will then render a custom movie of Santa flying over the house, delivering presents under the tree, writing a custom letter, eating the snack and then flying away.  It’s a magical way to capture Santa visiting your house and share the moment with children and grandchildren.