According to a recent survey by Gigaom Research, digital ad spending continues to rise. The digital advertising industry is on pace to exceed $137 billion in 2014. That represents 25% of all paid media spending worldwide. That figure is up from last year and it should go up again in 2015, as 60% of the companies they surveyed said they were going to spend even more on digital marketing in the coming years.

Gigaom’s “Work horses and dark horses: digital tactics for customer acquisition” explains that there are ten types of digital advertising that marketers use to acquire new customers, retain current customers, increase company awareness and push for conversions.

When asked which tactic was the most effective, across the board marketers said email. 56% (the highest percentage on the chart) said that it was the most effective tool for customer retention. The second highest tactic was social media – which only had 37% approval.

Effective marketingEven though marketers favored email as the most effective acquisition tactic, it was only third on the spending list. Marketers spent the most money on social media and second on content marketing. Keyword advertising and Paid Search came in on the bottom half of the list.

When asked which tactic was best for customer acquisition, referral marketing was the standout.

Referral MarketingAccording to the survey, only 39% of marketers said they were using it regularly. 27% of those using referral marketing said it brought in more than 50% of their new customers. In addition to bringing in new customers, marketers said they liked referrals because they were a good way of rewarding current customers.

Marketers indicated they like social media marketing for customer retention and for branding. Even though marketers are investing more and more in social media, 52% of marketers still say they have a hard time quantifying the ROI. 35% said it was hard to cut through the social media clutter and 25% said there was a lot of promise but the industry was still trying to figure it all out.

Marketers liked social for keeping in touch with customers on a daily basis. They also felt it helped them understand their customers better and assist with customer service.

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