iPhone Ski ReportThere’s no doubt that people love their smart phones and the conveniences that they offer.  With the combination of texting, voice, Internet access, cameras, video, and custom apps, you’ve got everything at your fingertips.  With over 100 million Facebook users accessing the site though their mobile devices, it’s clear that this trend is growing rapidly.  The question is now – how can the technical infrastructure, speed, and coverage  for mobile devices improve?

Consumers are continually demanding faster phones and better ways of communicating.  I already get frustrated when I click something from my iPhone and need to wait a minute for information to load.  While the features, interface, and options are amazing, it seems to lag in certain technical categories.  I still can’t even get cell reception at some local ski resorts in New York State.  Why?  I hear about these great trail and snow report apps, but I can’t even get access to them from the mountain.  Is this AT&Ts network?  Other times, I get notified of a voicemail message a day or more after it was left.  Hello?  How does that happen?

Performance needs to improve.  As more and more traffic accumulates in the mobile space, how can these providers step-up their game?  Is G4 our savior?  Will Google bail us out?

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