Ok, I admit it… I finally broke down and watched an episode of Jersey Shore. Since every late night talk show and entertainment site has been referencing this reality show on MTV, I had to see what all of the buzz was about.

In a nutshell, the show is about eight (very) Italian-American strangers who move in together in Seaside Heights, NJ. They are spending the summer to have fun, get tan, and hook up with anyone who is willing. In the episode I watched (#1), three of the guys were able to score three naked girls in a hot tub – and this was just the first night in town.

I had to ask myself – why is this show so popular? It’s really quite simple – it’s got sex appeal. The eight individuals are scantily dressed… they are all somewhat entertaining in a bizarre kind of way. With names like “The Situation”, JWOWW, Snooky, and Pauly D, they’ve each created a personality that’s larger than life. They are all about image, body tone, tans, and having fun.

The show appeals to wide-demographic audience. Clearly the people that have connections to New Jersey watch to see their summer stomping grounds. Others watch for the shock value – what could possibly happen next. Others can live vicariously through the wild lives of these twenty-something party-goers.

I’d be curious to hear how Italian-Americans are reacting to this program? Are the offended, do they find it funny, or do they have no interest?  For Olivia Dupont, it seems to be a normal way of life growing up in New Jersey.


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