Everyone has the same idea… let’s make a viral commercial and get millions of views and free advertising. Well, the reality is, it’s not that simple. Nobody wants to watch a commercial simply promoting a product or service.

I’ve done plenty of research on this topic. The most viewed or viral videos are simply the ones that make us laugh, amazed, or inspired. Think spontaneity or the unexpected. All natural videos of babies laughing, animals doing something incredible, and people falling. Those are the videos that capture our attention… the ones that evoke emotion – and that we remember. Furthermore, they motivate us to pass the video on to our friends and colleagues. Whether it’s a laugh or a feeling of disbelief, we want to share that emotion with others.

With that said, making a viral video takes a lot of imagination and perhaps some special effects to create an illusion. People may watch repeatedly just to determine if the video is real or not. Think content and story… not message. That’s the major difference between traditional commercial advertising and a viral video.