foursquare marketingIf you haven’t familiarized yourself with foursquare yet, it may be worth your while.   Foursquare is gaining popularity quickly.  Many businesses are leveraging it to create customer loyalty programs.  It’s GPS integrated features allow people to “check-in” when they are at or near your business.  This allows you to track frequent visitors.  You can structure incentives for your targeted community.   For example, if you run a pizza shop, you can offer a free pizza to the member who “checks-in” the most within a given timeframe (month or week).  If you have a hair salon, you can give a product away for every 10 check-ins.  You can be creative in your offers, but it’s an ideal way to entice potential prospects and reward existing customers.

A powerful feature of foursquare, like most social media platforms, is that it shares information with all of a user’s friends.  This creates instant viral marketing.  If someone checks-into your establishment, everyone in that person’s network will get updates.  It’s like a free plug for your business.  As frequent users strive to collect prizes or discounts, this creates competition between various patrons.  The better the prize, the bigger the interest.  It’s almost like a virtual scavenger hunt.

When you have time, “check-in” to foursquare and see for yourself.  If you have questions or not sure where to start, waveSpawn can help…