Michael Jackson 3D Grammy TributeA live 3D event which aired on the 52nd Grammy Awards last night seemed to be nothing more than a publicity stunt for American Paper Optics, LLC, Sony, and Target.  I happened to view the event with some 3D glasses leftover from seeing Avatar a few weeks ago.  It was a lame attempt at trying to plug their latest 3D television devices.  It certainly didn’t add any visual impact to the Michael Jackson tribute.  It was much more fizzle than pizzazz.

It’s one thing to honor someone for their creative and lasting contributions to the music world.  The focus should have been on Michael Jackson and his talented legacy within the industry.  Instead it was somewhat overshadowed because it was sponsored by large corporations that needed to get their plugs mentioned.

I’m all for creative marketing techniques, but I think there are more appropriate and tactful ways of doing it.  I was going to ask, what’s next – funeral sponsorship?  But that seems to be done already by a guy from Chicago who designed his casket as a Pabst Blue Ribbon can.  Let’s see who tops that…