Michelangelo painting in Buffalo

Can the painting found behind a couch in Western New York really be worth $300 million? While Martin Kober has been trying to authenticate the work of art for years, his family has known all along that it is was created by the Renaissance master, Michelangelo.  In his quest, Mr Kober was able to contact renowned Italian art historian Antonio Forcellino.  After a careful review and scientific analysis, Forcellino concluded “I am totally certain that this is a Michaelangelo.

It’s truly a remarkable story to think that this type of masterpiece could simply be collecting dust in someone’s living room.  Apparently it was placed there after it was knocked off the wall back in the 1970’s by a stray tennis ball.  It’s hard not to be captivated by this news.  Imagine buying an old house and finding a painting like this stored away in the attic?  It clearly makes you realize that there still are hidden gems out there.

Kober stated that the oil painting was willed to his great grand father’s sister-in-law, who transported the painting to America in 1883. It is now being kept in a bank vault. While there has not been an official disclosure as to the value of this painting, estimates have ranged as high as $300 million.  Not too shabby for a family heirloom.  That’s even better than winning the lottery.  Within the next few years, Kober hopes to have the painting restored and on display in exhibitions in Rome and Florence.