Picnik photo editing with waveSpawnI’ve heard of the photo editing site called “Picnik” before.  I just read their press release announcing that one billion photos have been edited through their service.

“How much is 1 billion? If we viewed all these images, it would take us over 100 years to see them all!”

Because of the hype, I figured I would give the service a test drive for myself.  It’s worthwhile to mention that I’ve been a professional Photoshop user for several years.  I’m an expert user and very familiar with photo retouching and the various options that are available.  With that said, I think Picnik has delivered a quality web-based photo manipulation tool for the masses.  It has a simple and intuitive interface that any generation can maneuver.  I think it will accomplish 90% of what most people would have the need to do.  Furthermore, Picnik has added some great themes for Valentines and other holidays to quickly spice up your photos and create unique scrapbooks.

It’s also worth noting that tomorrow – February 3, 2010, Picnik is opening up their premium services (typically a paid service) to everyone for free.  The promotion runs from Wednesday 2/3 at 9am PST through Thursday 2/4 at 9am PST.

“In addition, the person who edited the billionth photo on Picnik will receive Picnik Premium for life and will be featured on Picnik in the month of February.”

Give them a try at http://www.picnik.com and share your feedback with us.