Designated DialerThere’s no denying that consumers are obsessed with smart phone applications.  After all, they are convenient, easy to install, and often times free.  I mean, who doesn’t need the “Designated Dialer” app to prevent them from making those oh-so-embarrassing boozy, late-night calls to former partners?  The personal integrity that app alone has saved is mind boggling.  Where was that a few years ago?

According to a recent study by Chetan Sharma Consulting, the mobile app market is expected to grow to $17.5 billion during the next two years.  Furthermore the number of downloads is anticipated to surge from 7 billion to 50 billion – which is a truly remarkable statistic.  People are addicted.

Hopefully someone can develop an “app” (or hardware solution) to extend battery life.  My biggest gripe – especially travelling during a storm – is the dreaded low battery alert.  When your flight is delayed for 8 hours and then cancelled, you’ve got a lot of research, phone calls, and contingency plans to coordinate.  The last thing you need to worry about is dead batteries and several dropped 3G calls.  Am I off on a rant?

All things considered, it is simply another indication that people love conveniences.  We love to communicate in new and innovative methods.  Convenient applications which can save us time or simply make us smile will continue to shine.