What’s next for Twitter?

What's next for Twitter?After millions of people scrambled to get a Twitter account activated, they later asked themselves – ok, what’s next?   While the underlying concept behind Twitter is interesting – stay connected with brief snippets, the software is still in its infancy.  Fortunately there are several companies trying to add more functionality and purpose to this infrastructure.

Seesmic is one of those organizations hoping to take Twitter to the next level.  Seesmic  has already developed apps to allow users to converge their Facebook and Twitter accounts with Seesmic Desktop, and Seesmic Web designed to allow browser-based community building.  Most recently Seesmic has created Seesmic Look which is optimized for Windows 7.  It allows users to integrate Twitter feeds into a unique interface – which is pretty slick.  Users can create channels to filter news, sports, tech, entertainment, etc.  It offers a more logical approach to parsing, viewing, and searching information.

Take a tour of Seesmic Look and add your comments.


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