Social media confirms many companies have nothing to sayHave you ever noticed how many business-related social media accounts have little, if any, postings or messages?  You know the ones… they hastily ran out and setup a corporate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blog account without a plan or clue as to what they were doing.  Somewhere along the way they strayed from logic.  It’s as if they’re proclaiming “hey we’re not only slackers, but we’re cutting edge slackers.”

These companies should consider buying a full page ad in a magazine, forgetting about it, and then letting the publisher print the issue with just their logo on the page and maybe a line that says “too lazy for anything more”.  That’ll be a consistent branding message that integrates well with their social media campaign.  After all, a holistic approach is good.  It’s actually taking a page out of the Seinfeld series “it’s a show about nothing”.  Instead, it’s a company that is shouting “we have nothing to say”.

The simple point here is neglected social media accounts can be detrimental to a company’s brand.  You wouldn’t create a website with no content, would you?  Social media should not be treated any different.  Many companies seem to underestimate the value and scope of social media – assigning minimal resources to manage them.  Companies that engage in social media need to map out their long-term strategy and approach.  Moreover, they need to delegate responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining social media account activity.  This shouldn’t be dumped into the hands of an intern or temp.  This should be taken serious by someone that understands the platforms and knows how to interact with customers and prospects.

The good news is that there are companies to help guide businesses through the process of engaging in social media.  As a starting point, waveSpawn has assembled a comprehensive white paper entitled Understanding social media ROI.

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